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Hi Everyone! My name is Brianne Remy, 26 years old and I'm your Miss American Scholar 2023/2024. Not only am I involved in pageantry, I am involved in sports such as paintball and often love to volunteer and travel as much as I can. I have two horses and a husky. I was born and raised in New Jersey and graduated from college right as Covid hit in 2020. I moved from Pennsylvania to Tennessee for work in February of 2023 and was so excited to expand my horizons. I like to spend my time horseback riding, being outside, finding new music to enjoy, trying new things, and taking everyday one step at a time. I became Miss Pennsylvania for 2022/2023 and saw so much opportunity for community involvement and personal growth. I have been able to attend town Christmas light shows that supported the SPCA, a county 4th of July parade, appearances at fashion shows, organized a clothing drive for local homeless after relocating to Nashville, starting a toy drive and so much more. Being a part of an organization like Miss American Scholar


gave me a platform to embrace myself and help to spread the BRAVE mission. Leading up to nationals, I studied interview techniques, on stage questions, and how to accurately represent myself in every stage of the competition. 


After being crowned Miss American Scholar, there was and is so much I set out to do. Some of those awesome things include several appearances in Nashville and surrounding towns, signing up to volunteer with local charities to work with the community and to continue the social media presence in conjunction with BRAVE. I have been so blessed to be chosen as this esteemed titleholder, but everyday life comes with its dosage of struggles. The cool part of my on stage question at nationals was I really do live by my answer and continue to use what I said as a light on days that get tough. The question was along the lines of asking what is one thing I want people to know about me and why, to which I responded with letting people know I am a shoulder to cry on and to walk through life with grace, not knowing what the person in front or behind you is going through. Something I have been working on and will continue to do until I pass down the crown, is be as transparent as possible and be honest with everyone about what I am doing and what's going on personally, so people know there is someone just like them they can look to for support. 


For the near future, cool events and appearances I have coming up include a 3 day volunteer trip in April, 2024 to Ohio with the ASPCA and the My Right Horse team to help get horses across the United States adopted. They are the organization I have adopted from and want nothing but for people to see the greatness and the true potential these horses have. I cannot wait to be there. I am also already in the planning stages for more clothing drives in local towns around Nashville and hopefully expand into surrounding states to Tennessee. I do also go back to New Jersey and Pennsylvania as much as I can, and look for outreach opportunities while I'm visiting. There is so much I want to say and would talk someone's ear off about anything I am passionate about, but please continue to follow me on social media, my personal Facebook and my Miss American Scholar instagram page. I am always a listener when needed and am an open book for questions regarding pageants events or even personal things. As much as I say it, I truly am blessed and honored to be Miss American Scholar and am so lucky to be afforded this journey of a lifetime. 

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