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All delegates will compete in the following stages of competition:

Interview, Dream Job Runway, Evening Gown, and Onstage Question.


Judges will be looking for the delegate's ability to express themselves clearly and must project a pleasant personality at all times. Each contestant will be asked a question about B.R.A.V.E by each judge. Miss American Scholar Interviews are conducted round-robin style. Focus is primarily on the delegate's personal information provided by the delegate with the National Paperwork submitted by the due date. Interview outfits should make the delegate look her best. It may be a dress or outfit appropriate for a job interview or church and should be age-appropriate.

Judging criteria: speaking skills, demeanor, personality, beauty, grooming, and fashion sense. 

Little Miss and Young Miss Interview: 2 minutes

Pre-Teen, JR Teen, Teen, Miss, and Ms. Interview: 5 minutes

GOWN (30%)

One full-length gown of the delegate's choice in a style and color that also best compliments the delegate. Shoes can be clear acrylic, nude, or the same color as the dress. Gowns should also reflect the delegate's age. Any color is acceptable.

Judging criteria: confidence, on-stage presence, modeling, poise, elegance, beauty, and fashion sense.

RUNWAY (20%)

This outfit should be fun and reflect the delegate's dream job or personality. Our vision for this phase of competition is BIG, BOLD, and CREATIVE. The bigger the costume, the better. We encourage homemade, creative costumes. We want delegates to make costumes with an elaborate nature and capture that “wow factor”.

Judging criteria: confidence, on-stage presence, modeling, personality, overall look, and creativity. 


Delegates will be asked an age-appropriate, random question during this phase of the competition. Delegates will have 30 seconds to answer the question with confidence and composure. 

Judging criteria: confidence, composure, clear and concise answers, and the ability to answer the question asked.

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